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Faculty of Psychology in Beijing Normal University invites applications to join in BNU Young Scholars Forum.

学部介绍 Introduction of Faculty

北京师范大学心思学科具有悠长的前史。1902 年,京师大学堂师范馆在兴办之初即设心思学为学生的通习科目;1920 年创立心思学试验室;1980 年建立心思学系;2001 年建立心思学院,是我国高校的榜首个心思学院;2005 年,建立认知神经科学与学习国家要点试验室(State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning);2016 年,心思学院和脑与认知科学研讨院兼并建立心思学部。

北京师范大学心思学部是国家世界一流心思学科建设单位,仅有一个心思学一级学科国家要点学科单位。心思学部建有国家理科根底科学研讨与教育人才培养基地、开展心思学教育部人文社会科学要点研讨基地、认知神经科学与学习国家要点试验室、使用试验心思北京市要点试验室、国家级心思学根底试验教育演示中心、国家级心思学虚拟仿真试验教育中心、北京高等校园演示性校内立异实践基地等。在教育部学科排名中,心思学科接连排名全国榜首;“精神病学与心思学”和“神经科学与行为科学”进入ESI 世界前1%学部现面向海内外揭露招聘优异青年人才,欢迎各位有意加盟学部的青年才俊报名京师青年学者论坛进行洽谈。

The Faculty of Psychology, whose origin dates back to the Normal College of the Imperial University of Peking founded in 1902, formed excellent traditions and distinguished features during its over 100 years of history. The first psychology laboratory in China was established in 1920 and School of Psychology was set up in 1980. In 2016, School 章鱼彩票官网电脑版-心思学部诚挚邀请您参与北京师范大学京师青年学者论坛of Psychology and School of Brain and Cognitive Science merged into the Faculty of Psycholog章鱼彩票官网电脑版-心思学部诚挚邀请您参与北京师范大学京师青年学者论坛y.

Since its founding, the Faculty has been renowned for scientific research and scholarshi章鱼彩票官网电脑版-心思学部诚挚邀请您参与北京师范大学京师青年学者论坛p, and has been a leading psychology department among China universities for decades. The faculty is eminent of its courageous and outstanding faculty who are committed to the highest academic standards and drive the mission of the Faculty. And it has been a vibrant community of learning that stands in the nation’s service as well as the service of psychology. The Faculty aims to construct the world-leading psychology and brain science discipline with a pervasive commitment to serve the nation, deliver an extraordinary education, carry out leading researches and make significant contributions to the society. We are seeking excellent young scholars with outstanding potential in innovation and development in the area of psychology. Welcome the excellent young scholars who want to join in the Faculty to register BNU Young Scholars Forum for talent talks.

论坛介绍 About the Forum


The BNU Young Scholars Forum is intended to help the young scholars from home and abroad to have a comprehensive understanding about the University through such forms as special reports, academic seminars and talent talks, and to attract excellent young scholars who have made remarkable academic achievements and show outstanding potential in innovation and development to contribute to the University’s development.


Time: December 5-7, 2019


Venue: Main Campus, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

岗位及请求条件 Positions and Qualifications


The excellent young scholars less than 40 years who are interested in working with BNU.


The BNU young scholars come into two types: young top-notch talents and excellent core talents.


The young top-notch talents in principle should have the academic competence required by national key young talent programs; they serve as assistant professors in overseas prestigious universities; they are extraordinary young talents with influence in their disciplines, fields and industries. Exceptions can be made with the very outstanding talents.


Excellent core talents should have a doctor’s degree from a prestigious university or experience in conducting postdoc research or working aboard, show exceptional innovation ability and development potential, hold remarkable research results.

人才待遇 Remuneration


For young top-notch talents, they will have a professional title of associate professor and above, a yearly pre-tax income of 450-550 thousand yuan (merit pay calculated separately), a research start-up fund of 0.5-5 million yuan, a living subsidy of 1 to 2 million yuan, a post-doc team and a recruitment quota of doctoral students, a well-equipped apartment, and China’s first-rate resources of pre-school age education and compulsory education for their children.


For excellent core talents, they will earn a competitive pay, and have a research start-up fund and China’s first-rate resources of pre-school age education and compulsory education for their children.

日程安排 Schedule


Note: Details about the schedule will be notified separately.

报名方法 Registration


Please get registered by October 20, 2019, and send the Registration Form of the Forum, the Registration List for the Forumand attached materials to the e-mail address psyoffice@bnu.edu.cn. Please title the email in the form of the Scholar’s Name + BNU Young Scholars Forum, e.g., “Zhang San + BNU Young Scholars Forum”.


The University will organize experts to conduct qualification examination and academic competence evaluation upon the registered scholars from October 20 to 28, 2019.


The faculty shall send the letter of invitation to the invitees between October 28 and 31, 2019.

交通食宿 Travel Expenses


Invitees shall book their flight and hotel. BNU will cover round-trip economy air ticket (cost-based reimbursement no more than 15,000 yuan for international flight and no more than 5,000 yuan for domestic flight) and accommodation (cost-based reimbursement no more than 450 yuan/night) for invitees. BNU will arrange working lunch and dinner during the forum.

联络方法 Contact Information




Contact Person: CUI Guofang

Tel: +86-10-58808866

Email: psyoffice@bnu.edu.cn


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